How to Clean a Dark-Colored Carpet

The first time you ever start thinking about carpets and their colors is usually when you are about to furnish your home by yourself. You go somewhere, you look at the lovely designs, you fall in love with different shades and ornaments and you imagine they will fit everything else in your house. Right then you may consider the color of the carpet – should it be light or dark? Is the white carpet a terrible mistake or a total MUST and how to choose the best colored carpet for your house? And what about the cleaning? Well, those are surely the questions you need to ask yourself before making a purchase, but did any of them popped into your mind? Honestly saying, I think the answer is NO. So at the end, some of you ended up buying the dark colored one as the best alternative of the lighter ones. And it seemed super logical and reasonable.


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Cool Outfits with High Waisted Jeans

One of the most popular fashion trends in the 90s were the high waisted jeans. Everyone wore them in different shapes, shades, and cuts. In the first decade of the 2000s, they were replaced by low-cut pants and everyone thought the high waisted phenomena to be another fashion trend that will never come back.

But lately, and just as we should come to expect with the fashion industry they have returned and seem to be a hit with celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce. With a bit of advice, you can look great wearing them too.

These type of jeans can help you create many different outfits. They may look like a basic item, but they are really versatile. With a bit of imagination, you can dress for almost any occasion using a pair of high waisted jeans and adding some matching clothes according to the look you want to pull off.

To help us to sort out the best looks to attempt with your new high waisted jeans, The Freedom State style team has kindly loaned us one of their up and coming in-store designers. Ness is the ultimate fashionista with an eye for all things fashion, especially the ever so popular boho clothing trend. The Freedom State have recently started stocking Levis and they’ve therefore spent a bt of time matching up their range for their clients. Here are five looks anyone can pull off with ease!

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Hair Feathers & Clips

Despite some of the negative media that hair feathers are getting, it is quite becoming a fashion trend. There are so many accessories that have taken feathers from birds to design with. There are hair clips, headbands, headpieces, and more. These feathers are added to a person’s hair by gluing it, braiding it into the hair, or clipping it on. You can attach these feathers by yourself or have a professional stylist do it for you if you plan to wear the hair feathers for a longer period of time.

The negative media is focusing on the fact that most hair feathers are real and aren’t made synthetically. Miley Cyrus’s cover on Vogue is one of the factors that brought it back. There has also been some debate as to the age that women should stop wearing hair feathers for fashion. But as it is a fashion trend, let’s take a deeper look at it.

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Finding independent designers

Locating fashion designers or dresses what have a unique boutique feel about them can be quite hard. Today everything is produced in the 1000s and it can be a tedious task of finding something unique. Even if you are a model aspiring to be on the cover of a vogue or walk down the aisle in the Paris fashion week, you will find that premium dresses are hard to come by. There are a plethora of independent designers out there who can definitely understand also produce the right kind of dress for you. You main job is to find them and that can be quite a hard task at times. Here are some pointers in the general direction.


If you are looking online sometimes it’s better to ignore the first few search results that showcase only the mainstream brands. These brands churn out thousands of dresses and are typically not suited for you if you want something really unique. Independent designers tend to showcase their work in small events. Head around town look for some fashion exhibitions you are more than likely to find amazing pieces that are handcrafted too.


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Top Seven Fashion Events of the World

Fashion world is an ever-changing fast world that has become an important part of our life. New designers are emerging each and every day with some of their unique fashions and displaying them to the world. To give a well-deserved platform, every year there are some fashion events hold by the fashion industries and renowned connoisseurs to make an exhibition of the latest fashion craze. Let’s have a look at the top ten fashion events of the world.

Paris Fashion Week
Paris, which is known as the capital city of fashion, arranges a notable fashion week to gather all the fashion related people under one shade. They hold two fashion shows each year. One is to display the spring to summer collection and another for fall to winter collections where best designers around the world display their latest designs to the world.

New York Fashion Week
New York is known as another primary fashion capital of the world for displaying American fashion. New York Fashion Week is one of the four major events arranged by the fashion industries and some of the best fashion designers of the world. This is also arranged biannually in February and September.

London Fashion Week
Some of the renowned fashion industries such as Finlay and Co. Noel Stewart, Burberry and so many other famous fashion designers attend the London Fashion Week. They mainly display the whole event with Womenswear and accessories that are designed by some of the best designers around the world. This fashion week is also held biannually by the British Fashion Council.

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How to Keep Up with Latest Fashion Trend

Everybody wants to look beautiful and stylish in their own way. The easiest way to be the special one who catches attention everywhere is to keep up with latest trend and fashion. People always appreciate the one with something new and know how to carry and exhibit it beautifully as well. It can be tough until you know what’s going on around the world and what’s going to be the style craze for the running year. Fashion world is always in a rush. So, to keep up to date with the fashion world, you have to be a little strategic with some tricks.

-Follow the runway update: Usually the famous brands and the designers hold some fashion week runway shows. Being a part or experiencing the runways is one of the best ways to keep up individual styling. Though all the trends may not catch your attention, just focus on the unique colors and shades or the fabrics they are using on their models. After two to three months or later, you will be to be surprised to see how the local designer has utilized those colors and designs to present them to you in a wearable version.

-Keep an eye on publications or magazines: Fashion magazines and publications are the most easily accessible way to know the latest fashion news. To get news update from some of the hottest fashion designers or brands, keep an eye on Vogue, Elle or other top magazines. Their magazine cover also present their models with the latest trends or upcoming style craze. Going through the magazines or browsing their online websites let you know what to wear to cope with the fashion world.

-Browse the online fashion world: So many bloggers and designers out there doing the hardest part of this whole process to provide latest information of the glamour and style world. Surfing the online world can give you all the news at a glance. They are publishing news about the latest clothing campaign and update before they hit the local store. Watch the Youtube videos where designers are uploading their campaign trailers or search for the 2016ss or 2016fw to know what will hit the fashion world with summer to spring or fall to winter collection.

-Have a Look at your wardrobe: If you are into this fashion craze, you must have a clean wardrobe that offers places always for something new. Go shopping often and buy fewer things. Visiting the local markets also help you going with the flow of your fashion research. Throwing away the old fashion wear and trying something extremely new make it easy to stay in the race. However, keep one thing in mind, not every craze of fashion will go with your personality. So, don’t buy everything that’s been in Paris or Rome.

-Having some confidence will do a lot better in the fashion world. Experimenting some new cloth with unique accessories that you have never tried before, need courage, but this is the secret that keeps the fashion world so happening. Look around you and go with the look you love. You are no less than a designer who knows what’s best for you.

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The Most Influential Fashion Shows and Collections of the Past 20 Years

People, particularly fashion connoisseurs all over the world are excited now that the dates for the Paris fashion week 2016 have been announced. Every year, it is not just the slew of famous fashion models, or the celebrity style statement dresses that create the frenzy surrounding this event, but the prospect of making style history, being on the cover of fashion magazines like Vogue or Elle, the outlet that it allows for creativity or just the freedom of self-expression through fashion, which sends people in a tizzy.

Let’s take this moment to recall some of the most iconic and influential fashion shows and collections from the pat twenty years:

-The Alexander McQueen Fall Collection of 2009

This particular McQueen show, titled “Horn of Plenty”, was a dedication to the designer’s mother, and undoubtedly divided the world of fashion into two. While the entire set was made up of smashed mirrors, chairs and other such garbage, the show was, arguably, a poke at the fashion industry itself, a parody of the orgy of consumerism that it has become.

Each model sported plastic sex-doll type exaggerated red lips, and head accessories which were made by Philip Treacy, were constructed using metal cans, making the entire collection even more eerie and abstract. Elements from previous McQueen shows like the jeweled armor top from his Spring 2000 collection were also reused.

-The Prada Spring Collection of 1996

What Miuccia Prada did in 1996, was bring back gold and traditionally unattractive colors like avocado green, bright yellow and so on, along with big and bold prints and patterns to fashion week. This was not a surprise, since Prada has a standing history of defying traditional set norms of beauty and the acceptable codes of modern fashion.

Every model could be seen sporting a myriad of unconventional trend like awkward sandals, suits and skirts made of corduroy fabric, some hand painted designs intended to clash with their base fabrics.

-The Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer Collection of 2014

While this show marked the end of Marc Jacobs’s contract with Louis Vitton, the show was anything but sad. Inspired by the showgirl trend, he dedicated this show to the “showgirl in all of us”. Inspirations from fashion legends like Miuccia Prada and Coco Chanel were blatantly apparent in all of the forty-one pieces that were showcased.

Each model was seen sporting headgears by Stephen Jones and some of the looks were paired with biker jackets. But what made them unconventional was the fusion between the showgirl style and the addition of black feathers, jewels and tassels, to create a glamorous Gothic effect.

-Hussein Chalayan’s Between Collection of 1998

Arguably one of the most outrageous and moving collections in the history of fashion, Hussein Chalayan created resonating waves with his collection in the year 1998, when he used his fashion to look at the social status of Muslim women.

While most models wore white chadors of varying lengths, the show ended with one final model wearing nothing but a floor length black candor. When asked about his decision to work on such a sensitive topic, the designer replied that rather than making a religious statement, his collection was to show the loss of individual identity as one conforms to religious codes.

-Yohji Yamamoto Spring Collection of 1999

Inspired by the designer’s love for the western wedding ritual, this collection was termed “modern romantic”, where each dress was layered. As the models took off one dress, another was revealed underneath it.

A myriad of fabrics like lace, ivory, satin and tulle were used for the geometric and advanced-for-its-time designs. Just because it was a wedding collection, the designer did not shy away from pantsuits and two pieces.

Tighten and tone up your body for modelling

There are ways you can tighten and tone up while keeping body fat even if you are a plus sized model. The recent trend has seen a large number of plus sized models taking the stage. For this workout program you will be lifting weights 3-4 days out of the week and doing cardio 1-2 days a week. The following is the basics for those who want to lose body fat and gain muscle definition.

Your personal strategy: You will need to work out 3-4 days. Workout 1-2 muscle groups per day. It is recommend to do cardio 1-2 days per week to stay healthy. This is your choice. Perform 9-12 sets for large body parts; Chest, Back, Legs, Shoulders. Perform 6-12 sets for smaller body parts; Biceps, Triceps, Abdominals- Perform your sets to failure in the 12-15 rep range. These should be compound exercises that you can lift heavy weight with such as, bench presses, Leg presses, Barbell rows, Barbell or Dumbbell curls, Military presses, Lying triceps extensions, crunches… TIP: If you feel like you have a certain body part that is lagging then put it to day 1 and adjust accordingly. Always do your weakest body part at the beginning of your week when you are the freshest. Your dream to be on the cover of a vogue or headlining a Paris fashion week might not be far away.

Do not work out more than three days in a row. You must let your body rest. It is ok to do cardio though. Perform one warm-up set for each body part before you begin your workout. This will prevent injury, so do it! Your warm up should be with about 60% – 65% of your first weight. Do about 15 reps and really focus on doing them with good form. The importance in modelling cannot be stressed enough, whether you are a male or a female you need to work out. You need to be the total package. Also, in order for your exercise to work you need to have a proper eating plan. This and exercise are both very easy to do once you understand them. These regimented meal plans that are designed by experts hold the key to the secrets that will determine your physique development.

If you need to keep up your appearance throughout there are certain accessories that will appeal to you like scented candles you can buy to make those workouts all the more enjoyable. It is definitely a tough ask to maintain a regimented diet that consists of mostly raw food that lacks spices but it’s a necessary sacrifice if you would like to be a fashion icon. The hard work and almost cruel life style goes unnoticed once the lights and the glamour kick in. Sometimes these programs are even designed based on the dress you are going to be showcasing. So make sure you exercise at least 3 times a week and develop a habit so that you always feel like staying fit.