Tighten and tone up your body for modelling

There are ways you can tighten and tone up while keeping body fat even if you are a plus sized model. The recent trend has seen a large number of plus sized models taking the stage. For this workout program you will be lifting weights 3-4 days out of the week and doing cardio 1-2 days a week. The following is the basics for those who want to lose body fat and gain muscle definition.

Your personal strategy: You will need to work out 3-4 days. Workout 1-2 muscle groups per day. It is recommend to do cardio 1-2 days per week to stay healthy. This is your choice. Perform 9-12 sets for large body parts; Chest, Back, Legs, Shoulders. Perform 6-12 sets for smaller body parts; Biceps, Triceps, Abdominals- Perform your sets to failure in the 12-15 rep range. These should be compound exercises that you can lift heavy weight with such as, bench presses, Leg presses, Barbell rows, Barbell or Dumbbell curls, Military presses, Lying triceps extensions, crunches… TIP: If you feel like you have a certain body part that is lagging then put it to day 1 and adjust accordingly. Always do your weakest body part at the beginning of your week when you are the freshest. Your dream to be on the cover of a vogue or headlining a Paris fashion week might not be far away.

Do not work out more than three days in a row. You must let your body rest. It is ok to do cardio though. Perform one warm-up set for each body part before you begin your workout. This will prevent injury, so do it! Your warm up should be with about 60% – 65% of your first weight. Do about 15 reps and really focus on doing them with good form. The importance in modelling cannot be stressed enough, whether you are a male or a female you need to work out. You need to be the total package. Also, in order for your exercise to work you need to have a proper eating plan. This and exercise are both very easy to do once you understand them. These regimented meal plans that are designed by experts hold the key to the secrets that will determine your physique development.

If you need to keep up your appearance throughout there are certain accessories that will appeal to you like scented candles you can buy to make those workouts all the more enjoyable. It is definitely a tough ask to maintain a regimented diet that consists of mostly raw food that lacks spices but it’s a necessary sacrifice if you would like to be a fashion icon. The hard work and almost cruel life style goes unnoticed once the lights and the glamour kick in. Sometimes these programs are even designed based on the dress you are going to be showcasing. So make sure you exercise at least 3 times a week and develop a habit so that you always feel like staying fit.