Cool Outfits with High Waisted Jeans

One of the most popular fashion trends in the 90s were the high waisted jeans. Everyone wore them in different shapes, shades, and cuts. In the first decade of the 2000s, they were replaced by low-cut pants and everyone thought the high waisted phenomena to be another fashion trend that will never come back.

But lately, and just as we should come to expect with the fashion industry they have returned and seem to be a hit with celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce. With a bit of advice, you can look great wearing them too.

These type of jeans can help you create many different outfits. They may look like a basic item, but they are really versatile. With a bit of imagination, you can dress for almost any occasion using a pair of high waisted jeans and adding some matching clothes according to the look you want to pull off.

To help us to sort out the best looks to attempt with your new high waisted jeans, The Freedom State style team has kindly loaned us one of their up and coming in-store designers. Ness is the ultimate fashionista with an eye for all things fashion, especially the ever so popular boho clothing trend. The Freedom State have recently started stocking Levis and they’ve therefore spent a bt of time matching up their range for their clients. Here are five looks anyone can pull off with ease!

Girly Look

The best way to show off your feminine curves is to wear high waisted skinny jeans. If you want to pull off a girly look you will also need:

– a flowery blouse;

– high but comfortable heels;

– colorful hair accessories like bobby pins, headbands or bows.


Business Look

When you need to look professional, you should go for the classic black high waisted jeans or navy ones. Wash outs, torn jeans, shiny or bold colors are definitely not appropriate business attire. A plain shirt will go just fine, irrespective of its shade.

When it comes to heel height, you should pick a low or medium heel size. Flats would look too casual while very high heels would probably look like you’re trying too hard to be elegant. Wear small and discreet accessories. A fine bracelet, a necklace or a watch would be enough.



Get an exquisite look by combining your multipurpose jeans with sexy, unique pieces.

– Put on a pair of dark simple jeans and high-heeled shoes or sandals. On top, pick a knit top or an elegant lacy blouse.

– To add a touch of class, wear long earrings or a fine golden necklace. Some golden rings will complete the outfit. Something from our Grace Bijoux range would work perfectly!


Biker Chic

– Choose a pair of high waisted acid wash jeans. If possible, get a pair with shredded holes on the front, crystals and many pockets. Add a black T-shirt and a leather jacket, along with black knee high boots or army boots.

– Get vintage high waisted jeans and match them with a black top and ankle boots with buckle straps. Any type of silver accessories will look great.



Similar to the biker although you’re not bound to black. Washed out jeans, a custom T-shirt in a bold color and a jeans vest are a cool way to get ready fast. Put on a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go.

Classic look

If you are feeling rather nostalgic and just want to relax, you can try the 80s look. Pick light blue jean and a white T-shirt. Get some slip-ons and there you have it: a classic and comfortable look with no effort at all. It’s the most inexpensive one as well as you no doubt own all these pieces of clothing already!

If you’re in a rush and you don’t have a generous wardrobe, feel free to experiment until you find cool outfits that you can create with high waisted jeans and the rest of your clothes. Their adaptability proves that they are oldies but goldies. Each woman should have them in her closet and use them to express her attitude, no matter how she’s feeling. If you need some more inspiration, check out this handy Pinterest board with endless high waisted styles!