Finding independent designers

Locating fashion designers or dresses what have a unique boutique feel about them can be quite hard. Today everything is produced in the 1000s and it can be a tedious task of finding something unique. Even if you are a model aspiring to be on the cover of a vogue or walk down the aisle in the Paris fashion week, you will find that premium dresses are hard to come by. There are a plethora of independent designers out there who can definitely understand also produce the right kind of dress for you. You main job is to find them and that can be quite a hard task at times. Here are some pointers in the general direction.


If you are looking online sometimes it’s better to ignore the first few search results that showcase only the mainstream brands. These brands churn out thousands of dresses and are typically not suited for you if you want something really unique. Independent designers tend to showcase their work in small events. Head around town look for some fashion exhibitions you are more than likely to find amazing pieces that are handcrafted too.


This is especially applicable if you are looking for something niche for a wedding. You can go really small but that might affect the price. You can find some amazing pieces in stores that are dedicated to a locality and are not looking to mass produce. Explore sites like stylewe which has an amazing boutique feel and some terrific fashion collection. An all-purpose store like this is sometimes hard to find online. You can find some amazing high quality designs from independent designers in niche sites. Accessories are also on sale too.


You can confidently head out and look like a celebrity on the beach too with specific fashion wear. Racked for instance is another site where you can find a lot of indie clothing from different designers. Everything from classics to environmentally friendly material clothing can be found here.

The possibilities are endless if you know exactly what you want and exactly where to look. Brands like Rachel Comey from instance have amazing apparel and swimwear lines with matching shoes too. Try regional searches on the internet too and visit stores from niche designers and find great your match.

Behance might also seem like an unlikely place but you can find many designers who showcase their crafting ability there. Other places include startup fashion which is solely tailored for independent designers. The exclusivity is everything in this particular design space. You can pick up trends too on these websites and match it to places that offer modern clothing based on what’s out there.

Lastly read fashion magazines, you might have to push past the cover but there will usually be amazing pieces on display that have great value too. You can find tips on how to wear multifunctional clothing too. The possibilities are endless so make sure you subscribe to vogue, Marie Claire and stay on top of the independent designs on display.