Hair Feathers & Clips

Despite some of the negative media that hair feathers are getting, it is quite becoming a fashion trend. There are so many accessories that have taken feathers from birds to design with. There are hair clips, headbands, headpieces, and more. These feathers are added to a person’s hair by gluing it, braiding it into the hair, or clipping it on. You can attach these feathers by yourself or have a professional stylist do it for you if you plan to wear the hair feathers for a longer period of time.

The negative media is focusing on the fact that most hair feathers are real and aren’t made synthetically. Miley Cyrus’s cover on Vogue is one of the factors that brought it back. There has also been some debate as to the age that women should stop wearing hair feathers for fashion. But as it is a fashion trend, let’s take a deeper look at it.

Feather Hair Extensions

As mentioned above, it can be attached to the hair at home. There are kits that tell how to DIY. There are also sources on the internet that allow you to get more guidance. One of the advantages of wearing hair feathers is that the wearer does not need to do anything special to maintain it. The wearer can just think of it as her personal hair. It can be blow-dried and also curled. It can be washed just like other real hair. These can last up to eight weeks. It then starts to get loose and come off on its own. The feather can be put back again after doing the application techniques needed.

These are also recommended for women who would like to add a bit of colour with their hair without having to dye it. Since it can blend in with a person’s real hair, it can look like that certain strands were dyed. This is a good alternative for those who want to save money and not worry about the harmful effects of chemicals in their hair.

Feather Hair Clips

The tip of the feather is made with a synthetic clamp that makes it easy to attach to the hair. Depending on the brand you buy, there might be different ways to install hair feathers. Generally speaking, you can put the feathers in your hair through its adhesive component.Want to look fashionable? Hire your image consultant.


Hair clips are an alternative however. There are some that you can clip to any side and part of your head. These are just a little bit more temporary. The design of the feather hair clips might also be a factor on how to clip or attach it to your hair. Some are put on combs while others are put on headbands. Either way you will be looking like a model ready for fashion week.

There are so many kinds of hair clips. There are some that you can wear out casually while others are a little bit more elegant that it can be chosen to be a bridal headpiece accessory. For brides who want a sophisticated and luxurious one, there are some clips with feathers on them. These are also good pieces to consider as they also come with bridal veils.

Hair feathers have its advantages that one should consider if thinking to do something trendy with their hair whether it is a change that will last for about two months or one that is just for a special occasion. There are many kind of fashionable feathers to wear for all types of occasions including weddings.