Hair Feathers & Clips

Despite some of the negative media that hair feathers are getting, it is quite becoming a fashion trend. There are so many accessories that have taken feathers from birds to design with. There are hair clips, headbands, headpieces, and more. These feathers are added to a person’s hair by gluing it, braiding it into the hair, or clipping it on. You can attach these feathers by yourself or have a professional stylist do it for you if you plan to wear the hair feathers for a longer period of time.

The negative media is focusing on the fact that most hair feathers are real and aren’t made synthetically. Miley Cyrus’s cover on Vogue is one of the factors that brought it back. There has also been some debate as to the age that women should stop wearing hair feathers for fashion. But as it is a fashion trend, let’s take a deeper look at it.

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