Top Seven Fashion Events of the World

Fashion world is an ever-changing fast world that has become an important part of our life. New designers are emerging each and every day with some of their unique fashions and displaying them to the world. To give a well-deserved platform, every year there are some fashion events hold by the fashion industries and renowned connoisseurs to make an exhibition of the latest fashion craze. Let’s have a look at the top ten fashion events of the world.

Paris Fashion Week
Paris, which is known as the capital city of fashion, arranges a notable fashion week to gather all the fashion related people under one shade. They hold two fashion shows each year. One is to display the spring to summer collection and another for fall to winter collections where best designers around the world display their latest designs to the world.

New York Fashion Week
New York is known as another primary fashion capital of the world for displaying American fashion. New York Fashion Week is one of the four major events arranged by the fashion industries and some of the best fashion designers of the world. This is also arranged biannually in February and September.

London Fashion Week
Some of the renowned fashion industries such as Finlay and Co. Noel Stewart, Burberry and so many other famous fashion designers attend the London Fashion Week. They mainly display the whole event with Womenswear and accessories that are designed by some of the best designers around the world. This fashion week is also held biannually by the British Fashion Council.

Milan Men’s and Women’s Fashion Week
Milan, which is famous for their latest style and trend, arrange two fashion weeks respectively for Men and Women. They design their models with some of the latest designed by Italian fashion houses like Versace, Prada, and Armani and so on. This fashion event is among the world top four fashion events that was launched at late 1950s.

Australian Fashion Week
Australian fashion week is a one week event organized in Brisbane by the major fashion industries of Australia in May. To showcase the fashion throughout the year and to gather the fashion admirers in one platform, Australian fashion Week is attended by some of the world’s top fashion connoisseurs.

Dubai Fashion Week
Dubai Fashion Week is a real fashion festival, which is held for a whole month to satisfy the thirst of the fashion lovers and making a good collection of world’s latest design by the visitors. Fashion industries grab this opportunity by giving attractive offers and promotions throughout the month.

Berlin Fashion Week
Although this fashion week is a new event in the fashion world and has initiated its journey in recent years, it has been extremely popular and successful to catch the attention of the competitive fashion industries. It is a great opportunity for the new designers to present their creativity to the world.

All these fashion week is featured by some of the world class fashion magazines like Vogue or Elle and models on their magazine cover are designed with the latest trends and styles of the fashion events around the world. Buyers from every corner feel lucky to enjoy the vibe of the thrilling fashions that represent the fashion of the whole year.